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Basement Jaxx Media Mates, No, I Invented Techno…, Star-crossed Hookers, Kelvin Andrews' Bike Past, DJs ARE Worthy!

Author: Skruff
Friday, September 28, 2001

'I can't believe how much promotion these guys get in the UK. I didn't read one bad review! They've done some amazing records, a couple blow my head off, but they're not doing it how they were.'
Richie 'Plastikman' Hawtin awards Basement Jaxx their first ever bad review in the UK press, for their new single Jus 1 Kiss (Muzik)

'I'm the one who invented the word for my track 'Techno Music' and I came up with the concept. Derrick and Kevin didn't even want to be called techno. By the time 'Planet Rock' came out, I was already on my second release. I guess you could say I was a little too far ahead of my time.'
Detroit legendary producer Juan Atkins claims that he single-handedly invented techno (rather than with the help of Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson (DJ Magazine)

'Women like the shopping aspect where they can pick the right bloke from the data available. It's the biggest growth area in the escort industry. Women tend to rate things like star signs incredibly highly'.

The internet is boosting levels of male prostitution, claims UK Escorts boss Colin Newby-Smith (Loaded)

'This is absolutely true- it was what someone said to me recently. They'd heard that I was a former leader of a motorcycle gang and a pimp. Only the second bit's true, mind' (7 Magazine)
Kelvin 'Sure Is Pure' Andrews reveals the best rumour he's heard about himself (presumably having forgotten those infamous escort stories-)

'I don't buy the line that DJs are only playing other people's music. The 'Other People' that make the music make it with the expressed intention of getting it played out by DJs' (7 Magazine)
DJs are artists, says System 7's Steve Hillage. (the site of Steve's previous band Gong- live in London shortly alongside the Orb)

Jonty Adderley