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Baby Doc & S-J

Author: Skruff
Sunday, April 22, 2001
The first couple of hard house & trance, Baby Doc & S-J have unveiled details of their much anticipated album "The Originals" which combines all of their key tracks (including remixes) from the last 10 years. Along with his erstwhile production partner Jon The Dentist, Baby Doc pioneered the sounds and styles of today's hard house and trance scenes, through anthems including Mantra To The Buddha, Exigent and Infanti-Ci. In more recent years he teamed up with girlfriend and trance diva S-J to co-produce a number of tracks including 'I Feel Divine" and 'Fever'. The pair are also increasingly recognised for their unique live shows, which they regularly present for Dutch fans at Dance Valley. They also last year, set up their own hard house and techno label Arriba. . .