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Arthur Baker Vs Chris Coco: Man Bites Dog Bites Man

Author: Jonty Adderley
Friday, October 19, 2001
Seminal New York electro/ dance producer Arthur Baker launched a rare critical attack on former DJ magazine editor Chris Coco last week, over Coco's upcoming ambient EP, Next Wave.

"When I want chill-out music I'll listen to Al Green, not this kind of shit," said Baker (writing in his capacity as Muzik Magazine's guest reviewer). "When trip hop first came out I was into (I liked) its fucked up down-tempo beats but now I'm bored to fuck with that and would rather listen to soul. People chill out to this when they're on drugs."

Coco, who edited DJ magazine under his real name Chris Mellor for almost 10 years, still writes for Muzik though is these days better known for his DJing and production (he co-produced Rui da Silva's worldwide hit Touch Me). Contacting Skrufff this week he admitted that he'd been distressed by Baker's review.

"There's one thing worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about" - as Oscar Wilde famously said. "But of course it hurts; like every artist I think everybody should love what I do, unconditionally, all the time and for eternity."

Conceding that he'd written more than a few nasty reviews himself, Coco insisted he hadn't taken the criticism personally, pointing out, "I respect him for his great work and his great facial hair."

'As a critic; stick to making great dance music," he added. "Doing pop stuff is not your forte. As an artist; thank you for the inspiration, especially that early work with New Order. And thank you for being honest in your opinions and,.. er, great beard mate."

Chris Coco's new single Next Wave EP is out shortly on Distinctive Records. Arthur Baker- Perfecto Presents Breakin' is out now (UK).

Chris Coco's radio show Make It Mellow can be heard on Hed Kandi on Jazz FM (London and Manchester) (Saturday night / Sun morning 21/10/01 - 3am-5am British Summer Time) (Chris Coco) (Chris Coco) (Arthur Baker) (Arthur Baker)