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Aphex Twin Disowns His New Album

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 3, 2001
Richard 'Aphex Twin' James hasn't written any of the tracks on his new album Drukqs, he claimed this week in a bizarre and presumably tongue-in-cheek online interview. 'Actually it's a compilation of all the fake Aphex tracks found on the world wide wank (world wide web)," James sniffed. "I didn't write any of them'.

Claiming he's nowadays so deaf that he mixes records by 'smelling the groove', the Cornish experimentalist also claimed he signs act to his label Rephlex in return for 'sexual favours'. He was however, more oblique on the drugs issue, skilfully diverting discussion of his own preferences ('what does dru(g)kq mean-' he quipped).

The new album Drukqs, coming out on Warp/ Warners/ AOL in September, is Aphex Twin's first new material since 1997's Come To Daddy, which he previously said would be his last. His enigmatic reputation as electronic music's most experimental individual may be at some risk this time round though, according to the Virgin Encyclopedia of 90s Music.

'It seems after a number of albums that much of his work tends to revolve around the same ideas," the Encyclopedia says. 'Hysteria in the press may have obscured his tendency towards self-indulgence.'

Richard James performs at London's V&A Museum this Friday evening (31st August) where he'll be joined by Ovuca, Cassetteboy and Rob Hall.

Jonty Adderley