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Alternative Mardi Gras & Two Tribes: More Australian Festivals

Author: Skruff
Sunday, February 11, 2001
Australia's fast growing festival season continues in March with Sydney's annual Mardi Gras street party happening over the weekend of March 3rd followed by Two Tribes in Melbourne on March 11th. Mardi Gras weekend sees Sydney packed with gay people from all over the world with parties, balls and parades happening throughout the city. Cybererotica 2, happening inside the Sega World in Darling Harbour (10 minutes stroll from the Oxford Street Parade) is one such event, featuring psi-trance and techno from Japan's Ree. K (Matsuri/Qube) and Sweden's Logic Bomb. "All forms are welcome: girls, boys, gay, straight, human or alien," the adverts promise. "Transcend classifications and enmesh with the sound." Tickets cost Aus$39 (£14) and you can win one at

Two Tribes returns to Melbourne the following weekend for a 20,000 capacity event involving stages provided by UK superclubs Slinky and Renaissance. Headlining the event is Timo Maas and Dave Seaman alongside CJ Bolland, Fergie, John "00" Fleming and Speedy J. Local jocks including Sean Quinn, Richie Rich and Andy Van from Madison Avenue also appear at the indoor and outdoor event.

In less welcome news for Australians, 2 colonies of Sydney's much feared funnel web spiders (a giant, incredibly poisonous, killer arachnid) have been discovered near Cairns (Barrier Reef), some 600 miles north of their usual habitat. "Bush walkers going into the area need to know that they're there," Dr Robert Raven, Queensland Museum's curator of spiders. "This is the most remote animal from the main distribution and when you have something like that, the potential for an abnormal kind of venom is very high." Bites from the Funnel web can be fatal without antidote.

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