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2nd Gatecrasher Death Crash, Down in Ibiza's Sewers, Spiller, Stardust and St German, Fumiya Tanaka, Muzik Vs Ministry

Author: Skrufff
Thursday, September 20, 2001
A second driver leaving this summer's Gatecrasher Ball (UK) has been found guilty of causing death by drug driving. 19 year old Daniel Irving was convicted of killing his best friend, after crashing head on into a tree on his way home from the event. Although the teenager denied he'd used drugs, blood tests revealed he'd taken 'at least 2 ecstasy tablets'. The case was adjourned for the reports, though the judge told Irving he could expect jail. 20 year old student Charlotte Frankham was previously jailed for killing four people, after she also crashed her car on the way home from the rave. Two other friends travelling in Daniel Irving's car at the time of the accident, escaped serious injury, the Telegraph reported.

Jonty Adderley


As Ibiza's season begins to wind down, local authorities have announced that they'll be building a new sewage system for Ibiza Tow which should resolve the problems of unwelcome odours. Pacha's terrace has been afflicted on occasion as has the old Manumission Motel.

EMI's Blue Note have added a new Spiller remix onto St Germain's critically acclaimed album Tourist, which has so far sold over 600,000 copies worldwide. The Stardust style disco version is reportedly already an Ibiza hit, though its lack of originality suggests Spiller's going to struggle when his follow up to Groovejet appears.

Japan's number 1 purveyor of minimal techno Fumiya Tanaka releases a new album for Germany's Tresor Records shortly, called Unknown Possibility Volume 2. Themed around tribal drums, the album kicks off with an ultra-minimal kickdrum free percussion track which ominously doesn't go anywhere at all for 12 whole minutes. However, by the second track, he's introduced far more sounds and affects 'weaving dense percussion into towering, hypnotic sound structures' (as the press release puts it). An album that will appeal to Richie Hawtin fans though lovers of funkier techno are likely to be disappointed.

Muzik magazine have weighed into Ministry of Sound in their latest issue, awarding the club's Blue Zone VIP room at the recent Knebworth Festival with their worst 'Wack' of the month award. The dig was prompted by Ministry's decision to use compilation CDs instead of real life DJs, in particular one called Ministry's Ibiza Annual 2001: "Yes, CD," they stressed. 'All night. . .Yes, all fucking night.'

Jonty Adderley