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DJ Jade - The Last Anthem

Author: 3D
Monday, August 18, 2008

Born in New Zealand, DJ Jade moved to Sydney in ’91 in the wake of acid house and made a name in the anthems scene. Nowadays her prefered style has changed but you can catch her for one last anthems set at the Gaelic Club this weekend. 3D had a word.

Coming up soon will be your ‘last ever Anthems set’ – why are you giving it away-
I started DJing in the rave scene 15 years ago. During my peak years of ’94/’95 I was playing most weekends. Whilst it was great to be the morning DJ playing all the big, popular anthems of the time, I was playing pretty much the same tracks every set. While they were (and still are) great tracks, I have heard them so many times, and know them so well, that they have grown stale for me. I love DJing, but the joy is in playing tracks that you enjoy also, of discovering new tunes, and re-discovering old ones, and of surprising and educating the crowd. This is why I now prefer playing in the house scene.

You’ve played some epic parties back in the day – like the Bondi Beach Xmas Bash and Global – are there any that really stand out in your mind-
There have been many memorable gigs (although it’s usually the bad experiences you remember more) and Bondi Beach was amazing, but I think playing the first set outdoors in the morning at Field of Dreams 4, starting with Sabrina Johnson’s Peace (a track I had fond memories of being played in the morning at Happy Valley 1) was definitely a highlight. And of course the first Anthem party at Gas was a buzz. Seeing so many people come to hear me play after a long break from DJing was a big surprise.

What are your favourite sounds to play at the moment-
Funky/deep/vocal house and early ’90s house anthems. It’s getting back to my roots as a DJ.

Have you ventured into production at all-
I have been working on some stuff recently with a talented friend of mine – but no release dates yet! It’s definitely something I have always wanted to do, and seems a natural progression really.

Outside of DJing, what occupies your time, work or hobby-wise-
At work I’m a Graphic Designer, but outside of work music is pretty much my life. When I’m not playing, I like to go see bands, or go to a Ska night, hang out with my friends or even indulge in a spot of drunken karaoke. I’m also off to New Zealand soon on a snowboarding trip.

Finally, what’s next for you after this set-
I’d like to focus on playing new house sets about once a month. The important thing is that DJing remains an enjoyable hobby for me and doesn’t become a tiresome job. I’m currently playing mostly at Mars Lounge as well as the newly refurbished Kings Cross Hotel.

WHO: DJ Jade
WHAT: Plays Anthem 5 at The Gaelic Club
WHEN: Saturday 23 August