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Funkoars interview

Author: Shell Heaven Lee
Thursday, 1 February 2007

On the release of their second album, The Greatest Hits, Shell Heaven Lee had the chance to catch up with the Funkoar's 'Trials' to see what sort of tribulation getting the album in the can presented...  never one to let the audience down, he launched into the interview full throttle and this is what he had to say... 

You've previously been described as a "unique blend of Oz Hip Hop and drunk pornography". Yet despite this image does the existence of your Myspace page, website and forum point towards a more business orientated side to the Funkoars-
Unfortunately there is no marketing guru behind it. There is no image, just idiots. Our manager actually has some idea about the whole marketing shit and makes sure we do normal things like interviews, live shows and what have you that we would've never ended up doing left to our own vices. The whole crew at Obese are incredibly dope at their jobs and have managed to stuff our creepy faces in many a mag, I can't take any credit. The myspace page is purely to sleeze and have a login so we can view the 'more pics' tab.

Along with the likes of label-mates Hilltop Hoods, you're part of the Certified Wise crew. Tell Tranzfusion readers what the CW crew is all about.
TRIALS: Certified is a bunch of people from Adelaide (mostly the south side) that all share similar music tastes and make similar music with our own little twists. Nobody sounds like each other but the crew’s sound is unmistakeable. It helps a lot to have people around you who have already been down the road you’re travelling, pressing up cds, promoting your own shows and stuff, CW is a happy little unit of friendship.

The press release accompanying your album mentions that 'Da Na Na' will have a "distinctive film clip keeping in theme with 'The Greatest Hits' artwork." Now the video is out in circulation, can you give us a bit more info on what the film clip is actually about-
It runs on the whole magazine theme and sees us in giant baby suits, kicking the shit out of a cracked out Guy Sebastian and being locked up by detectives that remarkably resemble Reflux. It was a whole day of drinking and dressups, usual weekend stuff.

Who are the best kinds of people to write and rap about- Famous Celebrities, Randoms, Friends or people you know- Do The Funkoars like to namedrop other producers MCs and DJs in your songs and is there anyone you particularly want to mention on a release when MCing-
I like to keep the women in check, ones I have great time and admiration for. Maya Jupiter has been the target of such affection for many a rhyme but Jade Macrae is slowly wrestling her in a tub of very sensual jelly for the title.

You had a four year hiatus, three years of which were spent compiling beats, recording and writing material. Would you put recording your next LP in that same time frame, or would you do things differently-
I want four years just to chill the fuck out and stop drinking, get a career and tidy my house but I think I'm destined to fail at life with the other idiots in the crew. We'll see, I think it'll depend when the APRA money dries up as to how soon you see another record.

You've said previously that The Funkoars are totally uncensored. I know you don't hold back for underagers but do you ever find times where you're holding back your message or stage antics, in case your mums were there-
Mums are banned. It's like hearing your parents having sex or something, you know what’s going on and you know not to go in there.

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