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Daft Punk Release Live Album

Author: TranZfusion
Friday, 17 August 2007
Daft Punk is currently in the midst of touring the world (and hopefully Australia!) and giving punters everywhere a taste of their show.

Thanks to modern technology - err...okay, so it's not really thanks to modern technology and it's just a case of pressing record on a couple of devices that, well, record - the live set will be a reflection of the duo's Paris gig. On top of the set, punters will also be treated to the show's encore.

In addition to the offering, Olivier Gondry (big brother of film genius Michel Gondry) compiled footage from 250 cameras used by people at the gig, similar to that of the Beastie Boys' idea of giving creative licence to the fans.

With the CD scheduled for release later this year, we thought we'd scour a bit of the YouTube stuff and get you a glimpse of what to expect from the show when they hit Australian shores (it's not confirmed, but they'd better be fucking coming here!)

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