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Naturally Speaking with RA - The Q&A Session

Author: Aaron Roach
Sunday, October 5, 2003
Since the inception of Melbourne's electronic music scene as far back as the late '80s, Andrew Globek has been on a mission. While scarily coming close to his own visions of what the scene was to him before he became a part of it all, he has also managed to keep reinventing himself to keep a fresh appeal not just around him, but to everyone that has the pleasure of experiencing the AUM spectacular. Always trying to break new ground with unique concepts that aim to not only educate, but also innovate, RA is one of the most respected and revered enthusiasts of the electronic movement, both domestic and foreign.

With commitments to overseas, an impressive CV that spans back to the grassroots of the Melbourne scene and a thirst for pioneering, RA is definitely on the way to becoming his own institution. TranZfusion caught up with RA to get a glimpse of his mind, body and soul.

With such an extensive career within the electronic music scene, how do you continue to find new inspiration to keep evolving your own unique ideas-

I constantly seek inspiration from within my SOUL and via environments that abound. Traveling the world extensively and meeting interesting creative beings always ignites my imagination and stimulates new ways to approach creativity and inventing new ideas. Experiencing a variety of different cultures, customs, languages and modes of communication allows me to explore further possibilities within an artistic arena as well as challenge my adaptability as a human being and my willingness for change.

Music, dance, photography, theatre, art, film, fashion, poetry, writing, and so on are avenues I continue to immerse myself in whilst traveling to enthuse my creativity and source of inspiration. I may find that precious moment at any given time whether it is talking with someone, trying to understand another, seeing a certain colour or piece of cloth, feeling a city and its surrounds, the weather that smothers me at a particular point in time, NATURE, silence and everything and nothing; whatever triggers that out of body experience moment when you feel connected to all things living. AUM was, is and will continue to be an ever-evolving creative outlet for multimedia avenues that will constantly pervade beyond all boundaries. To me, that is insight enough to keep growing FURTHER>>>

When did you realise you wanted to become a part of the scene- What drew you towards the sounds-

Originally I painted techno before I heard techno from 1985 - 1990. Then I was introduced to the music via fellow artists that were heavily involved in the culture from its inception within Australia. When I went to my first parties and heard the sounds, all I could see were the images that I had painted. It all came together at that precise moment and gave me clarity. Dancing was the magickal element. It was and still is the medium that truly sets me free and allows me to truly feel the music and immerse myself in the people that created the scene. The music, the culture, is so open, advanced and natural. TECHNO is a limitless expression of all that is, was and will be… TECHNO is whatever you need it to be…

As "The Natural One…" you cemented yourself as one of Australia's most entertaining artists. How does "RA" change that- Does the new name give you more artistic license-

I was given the name; "The Natural One…" from many people within the scene in the very early 1990's and it has a very special place in my heart, soul and mind for all whom I have shared many a moment with on the dance floor, on the turntables when Djing or performing live, and on the radio transmitting across the airwaves. I changed to "RA" when I embarked on my first world tour covering approximately 10 countries in 2000 and soon after I relocated to Spain. I felt the change was appropriate as I was leaving Australia for another land, I had expanded my horizons, options and audience and a new millennium had just begun: m