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Tranzfusion vs DJ Hyper

Author: Will @ TranZfusion
Thursday, February 21, 2002
Breakbeat maestro DJ Hyper (aka Guy Hatfield) is one of those do-everything DJs. He's a promoter, producer as well a muisc reviewer for DJ and M8 magazines. He's released one of the "most important" breaks mix-albums to date, Y3K, and is resident at some of the leading breaks-clubs in the UK. He's racked up the frequent flyers visiting the US and touring Europe and now he's finally about to arrive on our shores thanks to Two Tribes. His Bedrock Breaks album is chilling on the shelves at your local record store at the moment and Tranzfusion got to talk to the man about all and sundry…

Tranzfusion: There seems to be a cold, sometimes melancholy aspect to the music on Bedrock Breaks. Is this something that's inherent in breakbeat at the moment-

Mr Hyper: Probably stuff that I like! Not throughout the scene but there is a more mature (production wise) sound emerging in some areas.

Tranzfusion: Are there any tracks you think have been overplayed in clubs over the past couple of months-

Mr Hyper: Now that 'Dooms Night's finally f**ked off, I guess it's just Plump Dj's records that you hear in everyone's set. Doesn't matter though, they're all great records which should pass the test of time anyway. Apart from that, a lot of people may say that our Addicted To Bass mix has been overplayed but it's one of mine so I don't really mind at all and you can bet your life I'll be playing it.

Tranzfusion: What's your favourite tune at the moment-

Mr Hyper: Loads! 'Flying' by Fatliners, 'Nothing' remix by PMT, 'Close Yer Eyes' by Dan F and JP Oliver, Terminalhead's 'Breaking Rules' and 'Karma Sammy' by Stir Fry.

Tranzfusion: Do you do non-breakbeat sets-

Mr Hyper: Nope, the world doesn't need too many more House DJ's. I like spinning more downtempo sets on occasion though and there are records from all scenes that I love.

Tranzfusion: Do you think the "barriers" which exist between the electronic-dance-music genres will every be completely erased- Would this be a good thing-

Mr Hyper: Doubtful, and people like to belong to a SCENE so probably would be good and bad in equal proportions.

Tranzfusion: How did you hook up with Bedrock to do this compilation (Bedrock Breaks)-

Mr Hyper: I wanted to leave Distinctive after my two Y3K compilations and approached someone who worked with Bedrock and put the idea to them. They liked it and I spoke to John at Bedrock and he was really up for it!

Tranzfusion: Were there any tracks that would wanted but didn't get-

Mr Hyper: Yes, Dr Motte & Westbams 'Sunshine' - an excellent Electro cut which has been in my box for two years or more.

Tranzfusion: Are you planning to work with Bedrock in the future-

Mr Hyper: I'm signed for two more compilations so I hope so. On top of this the room at the Bedrock club is still going strongly.

Tranzfusion: How did you get roped in to the Two Tribes extravaganza-

Mr Hyper: An agent picked me up to do it.

Tranzfusion: Have you travelled much outside the UK- Australia at all-

Mr Hyper: I spend a lot of America and Europe. I was in the States for the whole of January and played Rome last week, am in Amsterdam this w/end and come to NZ on Tuesday. It will be my first time in Oz and I can't wait, I'm very excited!

Tranzfusion: Are crowds different off your own home turf-

Mr Hyper: Yes, you never know what you are going to get but that's half the challenge.

Tranzfusion: What are you working on (production-wise) at the moment-

Mr Hyper: Just finished a remix for Mark Shimmon which I'm very pleased with, done a mix for DJ Infiniti from the States and have one more to do before getting stuck into some new material with a new single for Whole 9 Yards coming soon.

Tranzfusion: When can we expect more Dj Hyper product-

Mr Hyper