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Just call him 'Australia's Groove Terminator'

Author: michelle pirovich
Monday, May 20, 2002
'Ive never really wanted to do anything else.' Oh to stick to your dreams and succeed. GT, aka Groove Terminator or not as well known as, Simon Lewicki. How the name came about doesnt really matter anymore, everyone who loves australian dance music knows GT.

His latest single 'Lovesong this is not a' is a highly addictive raunchy electropoprock remake of the 1983 classic from Public Image Limited '... its a track I have always wanted to rework and the timing was just right' and in true GT style theres the film clip to match. When asked about the clip which stars many scantily clad yet artistically shot women posing in a very simple and well lit room GT laughs 'My mum being a feminist doesn't really approve. Normally I become quite involved with my film clips but this time I left it to Daniel (Askill) the only thing being that I had to be in it one wants to look at me for 3 minutes.'

The track is from the soon to be released album 'Electrifyin' Mojo' and GT feels its his greatest work yet. 'I cringe at alot of my old work, but I am so proud to have my name attached to this album that the number of sales I make are not even important' The pride with which the cool and calm GT speaks, gives me the warm and fuzzies all over. The album co produced by Andy Page has been in the making for 18 full time months. GT describes this album as being not as haphazard as his previous. 'Its more consistent, focusing on breaks and house, the biggest influences would be Radiohead and Leftfield.'

One day GT hopes to remix for Radiohead and theres no reason why he wont, to his credit already
Savage Garden, Grinspoon, Groove Armada and most recently Gorillaz have received GTs notable remixing touch. His talents have also drifted into the world of canadian sports tv and film and with a promo track on the way for Anthony Hopkins latest film, GT describes this addition in his repertoire as '...another way to drive an income, I have to market myself in many ways to get my music out.'

I like to think that with all the success that GT has so far experienced in his short career, that he enjoys a lavish music stars life, but my questioning as to what his fortunes will be spent on are met with a monstrous roar of laughter 'This is the music industry' and I stand corrected. What he may not have earnt in dollars though, GT certainly has in reputation. Just dont call him 'Australias Fat Boy Slim' as those who need to pigeon hole our artists have done. 'Ill admit its better than being hailed Australias Backstreet Boy, but there are no similarities between us, he is a huge inspiration for me and thats where it ends.'

Whether he is playing alongside Norman Cook in the BIg Day Outs Boiler Room, or with John Digweed in Europe. GT has good advice for all aspiring djs 'Just dont fuck up, and ask for their records.' '...Norman Cook was playing all these great tracks and I just kept asking if I could have them.'

From the days as a youngster with his own radio show, GT has stuck to his plan. His success has given him more freedom and room to move on new projects and another overseas tour is on the cards for later this year. The stereo in his car is playing Fischerspooner, Timo Maas and he cant wait for Eminems new one. We end our chat with GT hoping that I'll like 'Electrifyin Mojo' and I have a feeling I will. After all, GT wouldnt put his name to an album that has been named after one of the greatest and most influential radio DJ's of our time without doing it justice...would he-

GT's Lovesong (This is not a) is out now through EMI/VIrgin