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Bryan Zentz gives TranZfusion the Low Down

Author: Well @ TranZfusion
Sunday, April 21, 2002
Intec Records was launched in 1999 by Carl Cox and DJ C1 with the sole aim of pushing forward quality electronic music. Artist on their books include DJC1, Carl Cox, Trevor Rockcliffe, Valentino Kanzyani and Bryan Zentz. With that sort of a line up, it is pretty easy to see why Intec records is shaping to be one of the biggest electronic music labels around.

The Professor, Mr Bryan Zentz took some time out from busy schedule to chat to TranZfusion about being a little punk, Devo and Star Wars. In amongst all that we talk about his new releases, a possible trip to Australia and a swag of other things. This is what Bryan had to say:

1. You've got releases out through Bush, Communique, and Definitive just to name a few, but more recently your tunes have been put out though Intec Records. What style and sounds are you bringing to the Intec Stable-

Mainly with Intec I'm trying to do dancefloor oriented electronic music with an organic edge. I'm influenced by a lot different music like dub, rock, hip hop etc so I'm also trying to work those things into the sound as well.

2. Many of your pervious releases have been under the guise of Barada, the classic Star Wars character. In all honesty did you choose this title cause you are an absolute Star Wars nut-

Yeah kinda. I guess I did see the original Star Wars like 40 times so that pretty much makes me a Star Wars nerd huh... ;) Actually back in the +8/Definitive Recordings days, Richie Hawtin wanted me to think up a name I would only use with that label. I tried to think of something that went with the sound of the trax and I had been scribbling around on paper with "Barada" as a graffiti tag so it just stuck. Imagine that tough dog faced alien dude making house trax. Also George Lucas got the name from a phrase in the classic Sci-Fi flick "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Klaatu Barada Nikto was the command to stop this Robot from destroying the earth, so that fit into the concept as well. I pretty much use the Barada name for all of the housier stuff I put out.

3. I suppose that leads me to my next question. Science Fiction and electronic music has always had a close association. Do you draw inspiration for your music from the futuristic images within science fiction-

Yeah sometimes. Sci-Fi has always played a big part in my life. My Father is a complete Sci fi nut, so its pretty much his fault. He would take me to all of these movies when I was a kid and hooked me up with action figures and models and shit. Two movies stand out though that I think play a big part in musical inspiration and those are Wizards and Blade Runner. Wizards was this fantasy/sci-fi animated flick that takes place after world war3. It was crazy violent and was definitely not for kids but my pops took me anyways. The characters were super funky and bouncy yet tough. This definitely influenced the early Barada sound. Blade Runner is just a masterpiece. When I think of that film it brings to mind some real melancholic detroitish strings or some stark electro. On the other hand I also draw inspiration from things going on around me on a personal level or from whats going on in the world. Lately the state of this planet seems to be getting pretty Sci-fi anyways so i dunno...

4. You have been affectionately titled the Professor, by those wacky kids in the Intec posse because of your thoughtful and intelligent approach to music (that's what we are meant to believe anyhow). Have you got any crazy nicknames for some of them-

VALENTINO "NARANJA" KANZYANI: = Ive never seen someone drink so many orange drinks in my life. Also one of the nicest most down to earth cats in techno.

THE MATRIX: = The "so called" carpet in C1's flat. This carpet is so brutal and ha