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A little touch of Italy

Author: Chloe Burke
Monday, 2 December 2002
'Quality makes style and not vice versa.' If you're familiar with the dancefloor hits 'You don't know,' 'I love to love' and 'Soul heaven' then you will undoubtedly be aware of the quality house music that Italy's 'The Pasta Boys' are currently dishing out.

DJ Uovo, Dino Angioletti and Rame have all enjoyed success as solo artists, playing along the Peninsula in their homeland Bolognese, and remixing for Masters at Work, Celeda, Jocelyn Brown and Bini & Mars. In 1994 the three came together with a collaboration through Irma Records which lead to the forming of their own label Instinctual Records.

The Pasta Boys though not enjoying superstar dj status are gradually gaining worldwide respect as a growing number of people come to admire their stirring blend of deep adulterated, soul filled house. Attributing their success to passion and integrity, the Pasta Boys enjoy a more relaxed approach in the studio. 'In the studio we definitely perform better when everything is laid back, we hate all the kinds of pressure you can face in the studio. As far as our success goes, it's a kind of magic, we couldn't explain it, there is no secret formula. It seems to happen if you enjoy your job, follow a feeling and never forget where you started.'

Currently the Pasta Boys are spending a lot of time travelling to neighbouring countries, playing to newly found fans. 'Travelling across the planet to spread ours message, meet different people and stay hip within other cultures really enriches ours lives and we have a big party on the moon as our dream for the future.'

There is a lot of talk about the state of the dance music scene on a global level but for the Pasta Boys the biggest problem could lie with the listeners themselves. 'Music the world over is in a period of transition, there are many new ideas and classic flavours emerging. What is really worrying today is the attitude of people who download illegal music, they don't understand that this could be the death of many artists and the industry, by continually doing this the price people will pay will be far more than a simple cd!'

The latest from the trio is the album 'Chimes of Freedom' which features unreleased material from Slow Supreme, 'Atelewo' and Yoruba, given the chance to review it themselves the critique would be as simple as 'OUTSTANDING!!! BUY IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be sure to catch the Pasta Boys in Australia this week for in their own words 'We will be as amazing as your country!'

The Pasta Boys play at Tank Club in Sydney this Thursday and Seven NightClub in Melbourne this Friday.