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Why We Love Summadayze

Author: Bingo Trout
Friday, 19 September 2008
Just like the mobile phone, Summadayze has been around for so long now it's hard to image what everyone all did before it was invented.

Mark James and his Future Entertainment team, who organize this and just about every other gig in Australia, have been instrumental in the success of our New Year's holidays since 1998, with a line-up of world class dance acts that always manages to impress.

God knows what they'll do to eclipse the 2009 event, as it includes one of the biggest names from the genre, Underworld. The British duo has established a sound like no other, and stage show that must be seen to be believed.

And for it to been seen, you're gonna have to get your arse along to Summadayze.

Each year there are 3 stops on the tour. Melbourne kicks off the party on New Year's Day, before the festival express hits the Gold Coast (promoted as Summafieldayze) and eventually Perth.

As long as your New Year's Eve doesn't start too early, and as long as your resolution doesn't involve you taking it easy in 2009, you'll have a ball.

Assuming of course you can get tickets.

By November a pass to Summadayze is harder to find than Osama Bin Laden, so there's no point adding one to your Christmas wish list (not even Santa can bluff his way in to this gig).

But with all that loud music and people and dancing and carrying on, you'd probably hate it anyway.
Try telling yourself that.

Top tip: Fight your way to the front and stand with your back to the DJ. Then put your hands in the air and pretend 25,000 are waving and pointing at you.