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My Meredith Moment

Author: Matt High, Meredith Music Festival
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
Watching a 'hundred year storm' gather in the skies above us in the late afternoon of the Saturday of the festival in 2004.

It had hit us the night before and sent tents flying, trees bent sideways, instants torrents of water running down any hills they could find, some carving out ravines in minutes. Wild bright lightning, and before all that winds like Jack Nolan the farmer had not experienced on the site in his sixty-plus years.

So anyway, here it was, gathering again the next day. The temperature dropped, the sky went a browny-grey colour, and SOMEHOW the storm slid JUST passed us. Meanwhile the Dirty Three played a wild, loud set to the astonishing backdrop of a vast electrical storm, with giant lightning flashes that literally lit up the whole district.

It was like someone who had spent their lifetime watching sport hoping to witness the miracle comeback victory; in fifteen years of putting on the festival it was inevitable that at least ONCE we were going to get something the likes of which you would never again see in your life.