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Why We Love Island Vibe

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Friday, 19 September 2008
Who would want to listen to The Arctic Monkeys getting all angsty and pissed off when they're hanging out on a tropical island drinking fruity drinks and pretending the world doesn't exist-

Nobody, that's who.

A much better idea is to gather together a tidy line up of reggae soul and roots heavyweights for a festival that promotes sustainability and celebrates the traditional custodians of its beautiful surrounds.

2008 will be the 3rd time the event organisers have taken their concept to the stage, and the line up is looking good.

Among those that have signed on the line are Ernest Ranglin (Jamaica), Katchafire (NZ), Little Bushman (NZ), Misat Savona, Declan Kelly, Symbiosis and The Bird, flying in from Sydney.

You can find the full line-up and bios here;

Getting there from Brisbane is no big deal, with public transport getting you to the island within a couple of hours.

Once you're there however, the plan is to make you feel like you're on Mars.

Tropical reggae Mars.

24-26th October 2008
Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), QLD

Tickets: $154 + bf General Admission Fri-Sun, $44 Friday Ticket, $77 Saturday Ticket, Sunday Ticket $44
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