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TF Archived Sessions #1: Ninja Tune Tour 1997

Author: TranZfusion
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Before such killer interweb terms as 'the 'net' 'google', 'lol' and 'wireless router', the only thing a website was predominantly good for was for streaming.

There was a killer app called Realplayer that, while still around, opened up the doors to streaming capabilities. Before that, it was a dreadfully encoded .wav file, or if you were DOS inclined, it was all about .mod files that you could download from the 'scene'.

Running parallel to these facilities was the popularity of the post-pop scene, more commonly known as 'rave'. While it's a pretty dirty word these days when it comes to the dance music scene, it was one of the first events of sorts to stream their music live to internet broadcasts. Sure, people could stream their mixes, but there was nothing cooler than sitting in front of your PC and listening to events from around Australia at the insane speed of a 28.8bps modem.

We've said 'killer' a bit, but it really was killer!

Enough reminiscing.

The whole purpose of this article is to let you know that we've done some reflecting (as old, cynical ravers do) and realised we have some of the coolest live streams from back in the day right here in our archives. If you don't know, TranZfusion was the first ever site to stream live from a party in Australia. Before there were other sites bent on capitalising on this trend, a dude sitting behind his PC at home headed down to a doof doof and said, "why don't we hook it up to the 'net-"

Okay, okay, we're getting to the point of the article. In a not-so world first, TranZfusion proudly presents 'TF Archived Sessions'.

Archived Broadcast Featured this month: Ninja Tune Stealth Tour (1997)

To listen, get realone player. It's free and it means you can tune in to old school shit.

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